LPRC Board Member selected Visiting Professor at prestigious university in the UK

Federico edited
Dr. Federico Subervi, member and secretary of our LPRC Board of Directors, was selected to be Visiting Leverhulme Professor at the School of Media & Communication at the University of Leeds, UK.

The purpose of the invitation is to conduct academic work and enhance the knowledge and skills of the academic staff or student body.

This is an important distinction. The selection criteria includes academic standing and achievements, as well as the potential contribution by the visiting professor to the receiving institution.

Subervi has been a professor of communication at Kent State University and Texas State University. He earned his doctorate in Mass Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Since the early 1980s, he has been conducting research, publishing and teaching on a broad range of issues related to the mass media and ethnic minorities, especially Latinos in the United States. At the LPRC, he has been a driving force behind our efforts to conduct audience research for Latino public radio.

While at the University of Leeds, Subervi’s research will focus on political communication in Puerto Rico, his home country, and also on topics related to media and governance in Latin America.

All of us at the LPRC are happy with his achievement and look forward to learning about his research. ¡Felicitaciones, Federico!

Upon his return at the end of the year, he will continue his full participation and assistance with LPRC projects and goals.

Más Shoutout to Puerto Rico Engineers

During a humanitarian crisis like the one in Puerto Rico, there are individuals who standout portraying their commitment to serve their community. Please join me in giving a Más Shoutout to Jose Otero, WIPR’s Development Director in Puerto Rico!  Don’t be deceived by his title as he is also a skilled Engineer working & providing critical information to LPRC to help get WIPR back on-air.  His commitment is inspiring! WIPR AM radio is on-air and WIPR-TV is airing online only.

During Hispanic Heritage Month, LPRC will continue to give Más Shoutouts to Latinos working in public media.

Please support him to get WIPR TV & Radio and all our Puerto Rico Stations
back on-air via GoFundMe!
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