An introduction and an invitation

I’m filled with excitement. I’ve been visiting your websites and Facebook fan pages, listening to your online streaming and viewing the LPRC webinars. So many wonderful things happening!

I first learned about the LPRC while working on my thesis about community radio and the experiences of youth in Radio Arte. LPRC was just getting started. I was intrigued. It seemed like a great idea.

I continued my work. I read the news about the creation of the LPRC and kept updated at a distance. I was too busy finding work after graduation, then too busy working and then too busy with a new baby. I found my way back to the LPRC last December going through old emails. I found a message from Federico Subervi. He sent the message back when I was still working on my thesis. A professor at my university had talked to him about me. He wrote the most heartwarming and supportive message a Puerto Rican graduate student could receive during the last stages of her studies. He wrote to me as a fellow researcher and as a compatriota. I had promised to keep him posted on my progress, but six years had passed! And so I wrote to him. He was just as kind and encouraged me to consider getting involved with the LPRC. No, I didn’t think it over for too long.

You are reading this anecdote because it makes me think of some of the reasons why I love public media: access, solidarity and collaboration. I appreciate Federico’s invitation and Flo’s openness to work with me. Federico’s first email was like getting a show of support from someone who knows what it’s like being Latino in the academia. He was telling me “we got to take care of each other.” So this is what I hope to do with the LPRC blog.

Let this be a place where we can bring together ideas and find information to inspire us and help us through. You’ll read about fundraising, sustainability, marketing, Latinos in the media, CPB compliance, communication for development and what public media across the globe are doing. Every now and then, I’ll invite you to listen to a story, a podcast, a documentary or a show.

I want to write about the things that matter to you. But I need your help. Here’s the first thing you must to do after you read this post:

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Are you excited about something? Tell me. Do you have questions? Ask me. I might not know the answer, but I can help find it. Do you have a dream project? Share it. What makes you tick? What keeps you up at night? Write about it here. You are all invited to contribute. You can blog or suggest topics. I do hope to hear from you!

Expect a post once a month and brief entries here and there when we find interesting stuff to share.

So what’s cooking for the next entry? Show your donors some love: Reporting back to donors after a big campaign.

New Blogger

Anahí Lazarte Morales
I was raised in Puerto Rico, but my family is also from Argentina. I’ve lived in Chicago since 2004. As a child, I loved music, writing fiction, buttons on recording equipment, microphones and reading the newspaper out loud like a news anchor. I discovered my love of the radio when attending the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It made sense. What better way to bring together all the things that I enjoyed the most! I got my start in public radio at the University of Puerto Rico in different roles, from assistant producer to news director. I moved to Chicago to complete a master’s degree in Communication from the University of Illinois, at Chicago. I worked in advertising and now I’m the Director of Development and Marketing for a local Catholic school. I’m passionate about non-profit work, community radio, music and storytelling. If you absolutely must know more about me, go to this site or visit my personal blog.