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Anahí Lazarte Morales
I was raised in Puerto Rico, but my family is also from Argentina. I’ve lived in Chicago since 2004. As a child, I loved music, writing fiction, buttons on recording equipment, microphones and reading the newspaper out loud like a news anchor. I discovered my love of the radio when attending the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It made sense. What better way to bring together all the things that I enjoyed the most! I got my start in public radio at the University of Puerto Rico in different roles, from assistant producer to news director. I moved to Chicago to complete a master’s degree in Communication from the University of Illinois, at Chicago. I worked in advertising and now I’m the Director of Development and Marketing for a local Catholic school. I’m passionate about non-profit work, community radio, music and storytelling. If you absolutely must know more about me, go to this site or visit my personal blog.