LPRC Webinars

We offer free webinars to member stations through a collaboration with the National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB).

LPRC members are encouraged to register and attend the webinars, but you can watch a recording on the NFCB website and the presentations are available for download on our site. Have a look!

Abre Puertas to More Sponsorships with an Effective Media Kit

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Getting your foot in the door with sponsors/auspiciadores is a challenge. A strong media kit will help open doors with potential sponsors. Webinar presenter Flo Hernández Ramos, LPRC co-founder and former Executive Director, will present the LPRC-model based on media kits from Latino member stations. Once you’ve got the basics of putting together an effective media kit, it’s time to get going! Claudia Galdámez, Broadcasting Director at WLCH Radio Centro, will share her experience using a media kit.

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La Hora del Radioescucha: Audience Research for Community Radio

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To produce good radio, hay que saber escuchar. Are you listening? Audience research is like listening. Think of it as passing the microphone to your radioescuchas, recording what they say and do, and learning from them so that you know what works and what doesn’t. Are you making a difference in the lives of your radioescuchas? Presenters Ginny Z Berson, former VP of NFCB introduces you to audience research made for community radio.

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 Download Audience Research Power Point Presentation


Échale un Cinco al Piano: Music Licensing

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In the old days you only had to echar un cinco in the player piano or jukebox to hear music without any worries. Now, as a radio broadcaster you have to pay to play. It’s called music licensing. If your station broadcasts or streams music, this webinar is for you. Melodie Virtue, attorney with Garvey Schubert Barer and immersed in music licensing issues, will be the primary presenter.


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Finanzas con Confianza: Financial Management Made Easy

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Running a community station means running a small business, but few of us started in accounting. Beverly Hacker did. Before becoming Executive Director of KDHX/Saint Louis, she worked in a public accounting firm specializing in small businesses and nonprofits.

Like Spanish broadcasting, financial management has a language and rules of its own, but it will be translated for us by Beverly. This webinar will help you take steps to run a more effective nonprofit.

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Presentation Doc Icon Raising Money Through Your Website

For nonprofit organizations, your website leaves the first impression–is it an effective one? Your station’s website represents you online. NTEN, the Non-profit Technology Network aspires to a world where all nonprofit organizations use technology skillfully and confidently to meet community needs and fulfill their missions. They will share with you some best practices for nonprofit websites.

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Your listeners may love the content you produce, but they are less and less likely to listen to it on a radio. “Radio” stations need to get their content on as many platforms as possible–and for more and more people, the preferred platform is a mobile device. This webinar presents two (of the many) alternatives: the PRX Public Radio Player and Listener Interactive.

Presentation Doc Icon Carcachas Car Club Webinar

How do you join the CARcachas Car Club? Simply by having a car donation program at your station. Two different car donation programs—CARS and the Center for Car Donations—explain how they do most of the work. Also presenting is Maggie Pelleya, the GM of WDNA, Florida which is already making money with a car donation program.


Presentation Doc Icon Pancho Claus is Coming: End of Year Fundraising

End-of-year fundraising is an important time for your station. People are generous, often times seeking lat-minute tax benefits.  Whether its an end-of-year gift letter or an on-air event, GoalBusters and KUVO share template, timelines and strategies for raising funds at the end of the year.