Latino Station Summit

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Feb. 20 at 9:00 AM ET

Latino Public Radio Consortium will host an annual meeting for LPRC member stations as part of the Hispanic/Latino Media & Marketing International Conference hosted by the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication at Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL from February 19 to 21. The Latino Plus Salon will take place on Friday, February 20.

Why attend?

The LPRC partnered with Southern California Public Radio (SCPR) to produce a case study on the station’s successful experience engaging Latino audiences with multimedia news coverage and community events. Initial findings will be presented first to LPRC stations, industry experts and academics attending the Hispanic/Latino Media & Marketing International Conference, followed by a discussion focused on what the case study means for Latino Public Radio.

LPRC members who attend the Latino Plus Salon will have full access the three day conference at no cost, thanks to a partnership with the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication. Participants will be only responsible for travel and accommodation. Special rates available here.

Participants will have the opportunity to network and access presentations by key individuals in the industry and academia. View the list of presenters and conference agenda.

Questions? Contact Anahí at


 Past Summits & Meetings

Summit image

2014 Summit — Denver, CO

It was literally a Rocky Mountain High. No, we’re not referring to the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, but to the elation and positive feelings felt by participants of the Fifth Annual Summit & Survey of Latino Public Radio on Wednesday, July 9, 2014 in Denver Colorado.


Latino station KUVO/KVJZ hosted the Summit at their facilities in the Five Points Media Center in one of the city’s most historic districts.

The Summit was in conjunction with Greater Public’s Public Media Development & Marketing Conference (PMDMC) partnership with other conferences in public media so that Latino stations can be more cost effective with their training dollars by attending two conferences for the price of one airfare. The PMDMC was devoted to revenue generation, marketing and management and took place July 10–12 at the Hyatt Regency Denver Hotel in Denver, Colorado.


Participants in the Summit included Latino Stations from Puerto Rico, Florida, Washington, Denver, and California. Board and staff of the Latino Public Radio Consortium also attended, coming from Texas, New York, Illinois, Ohio, Florida and Colorado.  Representatives of other professional organizations were from Greater Public, University of North Texas and the US Census Bureau.


Participants traveled from downtown Denver via light rail to the Summit at 2900 Welton, the studios of KUVO/KVJZ in the historic Five Points neighborhood east of downtown.

They were given la bienvenida by Susanne Marte, Treasurer of the LPRC Board of Directors and Chair of its Station Outreach and Summit Committee. Susanne explained the program for the day and kept the panel presentations and breaks on time, rolling along like a well-oiled machine.

Giving a “mi casa es su casa” welcome, CEO of KUVO Carlos Lando also shared a historical overview of the area and of KUVO’s development.  He explained that KUVO has recently merged with Rocky Mountain PBS, the dominant public television station in the market. The merger offers many opportunities for programming and development for both entities.

Session One

The first session, a panel entitled Fundraising Opportunities was moderated by Tina Cartagena, Vice President of Development of KUVO. Panelists were Virginia Dambach, Greater Public Membership Co-op Services and Magaly Rivera, Chair of both the LPRC Board of Directors and of its Business & Development Committee. Amie Miller from Greater Public’s Grant Center was unable to physically participate but her presentation was delivered thanks to Virginia Dambach’s ability to wear many hats. Virginia literally donned WRTU’s Radio Amigo cap to look different.

Virginia Dambach, the fundraising mentor of public radio, discussed fundraising readiness and outlined all the factors that stations need to assess: finances, personnel, credibility and organizational health. Once these elements are sound, Virginia explained the need for a viable fundraising plan that is based on past performance, has measurable goals, is time specific, specifies funding targets and has Board buy in. The presentation is attached as an Exhibit.

Amie Miller, via Virginia Dambach, explained the value of seeking grants and emphasized Foundations are paying attention to media and increasingly see it as an essential element in advancing their broader goals. Although foundations make grants to media for a variety of reasons, but the single biggest reason that foundations support media is IMPACT. Amie also discussed “grant readiness” so that stations evaluate can evaluate their probability of success. The presentation is attached as an Exhibit.

Session Two

Programming as a Bridge to Opportunities was the second session at the 5th Annual Summit & Survey of Latino Public Radion and was moderated by Ileana Rivera Santa, Manager of the LPRC Latino Desk.

The panel featured Dr. Enrique Barbieri, University of North Texas describing the free radio program Invenciones de la Inventiva.  Invenciones de la Inventiva is available to stations in either Spanish or English with accompanying curriculum guides. Dr. Barbieri and Dr. Amayra Boggiano are the producers of the Spanish-language editions. The presentation is attached as an Exhibit.

Robert Rabin, Station Manager of WVQR, Radio Vieques was also on the panel and introduced the work of his one-year-old community station. The emphasis of his presentation was a true lesson in community engagement and showed what a community can achieve when they are united by a common cause with a shared vision founded in a common purpose and governed by principles of equality and humanity. The presentation is attached as an Exhibit.

Session Three

Flo Hernández-Ramos, former LPRC Executive Director moderated a session that introduced the National Profile of the Latino Public Radio Consortium to the Summit participants. The National profile is a comprehensive compilation of the demographics of each Latino station’s broadcast area available from the US Census Bureau merged with specific audience data for stations, which could be measured by the Radio Research Consortium. Collectively the information was used to compile a Media Kit for the Latino Public Radio Consortium to engage in national underwriting, grant proposals on behalf of the Latino stations. As a result, a guide for the development of a station media kit was designed based on the WDNA model.

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