Development Recetas/Recipes for Tasty Public Media

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As part of our commitment to supporting fundraising at Latino stations, we are adding a new Development Receta/Recipe to LPRC’s Tasty Public Media Development Cookbook. This year’s Receta will get your underwriting program piping hot! Every Thursday, member stations receive a Receta for Sabrosa SOPA (Sponsorship of Programs and Announcements) in your email. Prepare your cooking utensils and get ready for a well-balanced diet for public media!

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1. Cooking Up Your Underwriting Program
2. Ingredientes Esenciales/Essential Ingredients
3. Anuncio, Sí! Advertisement, No!
4. Reglas & Rules
5. Al Gusto Tuyo
6. El Proceso/The Process
7. Tarifario/Rate Card
8. Tarifario/Rate Card Part 2
9. Guías/Guidelines
10. The Media Kit
11. ¡Al Mercado! Plan Promocional
12. Seeking Sponsors/Auspiciadores
13. El Primer Cliente/The First Sponsor

Recetas from Previous Years


Recetas para Cochinito Relleno/Cooking Up Your End-of-the-Year Fundraising Appeal (2013)

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Recetas Salsa
Recetas para Socios con Salsa/Cooking Up Your Membership Drive (2013)

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