CSG Diversity Requirement  

Stations are required to establish diversity goals and engage in activities designed to reflect and achieve said goals. CSG grantees are required to post on their web sites and include in their public file a diversity statement (about 500 words) that reflects on the following points:

  • The elements of diversity (e.g., gender, race, culture, religion, language, generation) that the CSG recipient finds important to its public media work
  • The extent to which its staff and governance reflect such diversity
  • The progress the recipient has made to increase its diversity in the last two to three years and its diversity plans in the coming period.

In addition, Grantees need to undertake at least one of five diversity initiatives on an annual basis.

  1. Include diverse individuals in internships or work-study for professional level experience.
  2. Include qualified diverse candidate in any slate for elected governing boards.
  3. Implement diversity training for board of directors.
  4. Participate in minority or other diversity fairs.
  5. Implement formal diversity training programs for staff.

The Public Media Business Association (PMBA) developed a collection of documents as part of theirCompliance Inspection Program that includes samples of policies and statements regarding CPB’s Diversity Eligibility Criteria that you can download and customize.

CPB Diversity Eligibility Criteria

Please feel free to make good use of these documents to accelerate your station’s understanding of their compliance requirements so as to implement improved procedures and documentation, thus making your station’s compliance initiatives more efficient and effective.

If you receive a CSG grant, it’s really important that you pay close attention to all compliance issues to prevent non-compliance penalties, or even worse, loss of CSG eligibility.

Click here to access CPB’s October 2015 Compliance Alert.