Community Engagement


Simple activities you can do at your station. ¡Pruébalas! Make them yours, and try them out!

Movie Night

Screen a movie of interest to your audience, that’s related to your station, or that’s just fun to watch. Use this opportunity to tell your story and engage your community in informal conversations that can tell you a lot about what your listeners like and need from your station.

Young Producers Academy

To engage the next generation, we must bring them on board, but not just as listeners. This activity involves working with students (ages 15 – 18) so that they get a closer experience with their local radio station. It includes workshops, presentations, practical exercises, field trips, trainings, a closing event and an evaluation process. This is a year-long project.

Educational Fair

Education is a top priority for Latino families. If you are thinking of doing something like this, it’s probably best to touch base with your community and any local schools or organizations, and identify resources and community needs. This activity takes more planning, but can generate many stories to share on the air.