NPR Digital Reporting via NFCB

How to Register

If your station wants to enroll in reporting to NPR Digital Services under the special pricing arranged through NFCB, here is what you need to do:

  1. Get in touch with NFCB to establish eligibility. LPRC has already provided information to NFCB regarding LPRC stations.
  2. Pay the annual fee of $275 to NFCB (NFCB will send an invoice)
  3. Register as an eligible station with CPB. website:
  4. Once you have registered with CPB, they will send log-in information.
  5. Log-in to CPB’s Music Rights site, review SoundExchange reporting guidelines, opt-in to be covered by the agreement and put the appropriate reporting systems in place at your station
  6. Register with NPR Digital Services
  7. Provide quarterly reports to NPR Digital Services.

For alternatives to being covered by the CPB-SoundExchange Agreement, refer to these reporting guideline resources: GSB Law Streaming Copyright Basics (available on the group buys page of NFCB’s website); Spinitron Webcast Reporting Reference.

Read more about the SoundExchange/CPB Agreement.