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¡Bienvenidos! (1)¡Apoyo a la medida! Direct support and resources for Latino public radio stations. As an LPRC member station, you get access to exclusive tools and opportunities. Read below to learn more!

Meet Your Compliance Due List

Important deadlines, how to file reports, and how to meet important CPB, FCC, legal, and other regulatory requirements. Now you can get help from our legal expert, pro-bono! Sign-up via our Help Desk and schedule your session today!

Raise More Funds

Development resources including access to professional grant writers! No matter if you are just getting started or want to try new things, we have tools to help you raise more funds for your station.  Login in to learn more.

Jobs in Public Media

Looking to hire a Latino professional for your station? Let LPRC post, promote or recommend a talented Latino.  See our public media wide job postings and if your station is not featured for a recent posts for jobs, internships & volunteers, send us a note to include your station.  Soon LPRC will be offering alot more on Career Paths within public media.  

Reach Your Audience

LPRC embarked on creating an audience measurement tool to help your station build an audience and engage your community. Read about this cost-effective survey tool and how to utilize it for your station. 

Háblalo: Discuss with your peers

Post your big announcement, question or idea on the LPRC Member Station Facebook Group. Get feedback or a pat on the back for all the hard work and the good stuff you make happen.  Haven’t joined yet, request your invite today.

Get Exclusive Opportunities

Activities, projects and tools developed just for LPRC member stations in fundraising, compliance, programming and community engagement.  Have you signed up for any of our 2019 projects and activities?

Read the LPRC Infoblast

What’s an Infoblast? An LPRC monthly email newsletter we send every month chock full of tools and opportunities right to your inbox. 

Write for the LPRC Blog

Something’s on your mind? Been thinking about the state of public media and Latinos? Send us a quick message. We’d love to have you as a guest blogger. Contact us.

Toot your own horn: Más Shout Outs

If you have any good news you would like to share, please let us know. Contact us.   We’d be happy to share on our site and social media. See our Latest Más Shoutout here.

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