Oscar López Rivera

LUNES 23 ENERO 3PM Oscar López Rivera y los presos políticos puertorriqueños Oscar López Rivera saldría de la penitenciaría federal de Terre Haute, Indiana, el próximo 17 de mayo. ¿Quiénes han sido los presos políticos de Puerto Rico? ¿Qué significa esta conmutación de sentencia para otros presos políticos que quedan tras las rejas en cárceles […]


Brown Paper III: Audience Data Research Report An LPRC-developed Research Report to support public media stations by providing a cost-effective method to help stations validate their audiences so that they may better serve their communities.  Download PDF   Brown Paper II: Engaging Latino Audiences with Public Radio How Southern California Public Radio Opened Their Doors […]

Seeking Sponsors/Auspiciadores

Preparation Time: Take as much time as you need to prepare for your first approach to a posible auspiciador/sponsor. Ingredients For this Receta you must match the characteristics of potential SOPA sponsors with the strengths of your station. Brainstorm Who can be a sponsor? Think about your station’s target audience. Which businesses are interested in […]