Essential Ingredients for Good Underwriting

sopa 2Preparation Time: The amount of time it takes to get ready for your first sale depends on what ingredients you have on hand. Your SOPA can be a simple broth or a more elaborate sancocho.

Number of Servings: Depends on your goal which should be determined by various factors: the number of listeners, web visitors, social media recipients you can “deliver”; how many announcements you can make for each program sponsor and what the cost is per announcement.

Ingredients: Below is a listing of los ingredientes esenciales for a basic SOPA. Future installments of the Receta para Sabrosa SOPA will discuss each ingredient in greater detail.

1. Case Statement.
It is necessary to clearly spell out the station’s mission, vision and values which make a case for support. The case statement becomes the stock, the caldo for a Sabrosa SOPA.

2. Underwriting vs Advertising
It is important to establish from the beginning the difference between the two because as a non-commercial station your SOPA cannot have advertisements in it.

3. Audience
Who does the station serve that they can share with the Program and Announcement Sponsors. How do you measure your audience? The Receta will share resources with you.

4. Platform
Determine where and how you can make announcements on behalf of the program sponsor. On-air, website, social media, live remotes, special events, newsletters,

5. Availabilities
How many announcements can be made in any one hour of your programming, at your special events, on the website, etc. Which are your more valuable hours?

6. Effectiveness
You can determine how many messages a Program Sponsor should buy in order to get their message heard. We’ll share a formula with you so that sponsors get what they need.

7. Price Point
How much will you charge for a Sponsorship package, an announcement on the website only, or for a title sponsorship of an event.

8. Content of Sponsorship Announcements
The FCC has some very clearly stated nebulous guidelines for non-commercial stations to follow so that their sponsorship announcements are not. This is such a gray area that it may take two or three Receta segments to discuss all the “what abouts.”

9. Media Kit
Presentation is everything. You must present your station and your audience in the best possible light. That means an on-line, downloadable media kit as well as professional “leave behinds” that are reminders of the oral presentation you make to potential clients.

10. Staff Team
The Underwriting Manager’s relationship with the Program Director, Web Master, Membership Director and everyone else in the Station

11. Finding Sponsors
Matching the characteristics of potential Program Sponsors with the strengths of your station.

12. Custom and Value-Added Packages
What combination of announcements, logo placement and other services can you provide to make your Sponsors more visible?

13. Client Service
Proof of performance, meeting the needs of your clients and making friends.

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