710In the past Recetas you defined the Rules & Reglas of what can be and cannot be said. In Al Gusto Tuyo, you determined the length of spots and their duration/frequency. Then with El Proceso, you outlined the procedures your station will utilize and El Tarifario/Rate Card put a price on your station’s SOPA. So it is time to mix all these ingredientes esenciales into one document to make unas deliciosas Guías for the Sabrosa SOPA.


For this step of the Receta para Sabrosa Sopa you should gather your station’s

  • mission, vision and values
  • end of year report
  • the highlights of the station
  • any other document that demonstrates your station’s community outreach, necessary to complete your station’s SOPA Guidelines.

The length of the introduction to the SOPA guidelines is up to the Chef and your Cooking Staff, but we suggest one to two paragraphs. The introduction should answer the questions:

  • Why is my public radio station important?
  • What makes it different or what is so special about the work we do?
  • Why is important to invest in us?
  • What are the advantages of supporting the station?

The answers will vary on each station but each public radio station is very valuable because of the work they do and the wonderful things they offer the community they serve.

Proposal Letter with Rate Card

The introduction for the SOPA Guidelines will help you write this letter. In a one-page document, highlight your public radio station strengths and accomplishments and how they reflect your Mission, Vision and Values. Explain to future sponsors why it is so important that they invest in you. Point out your coverage area, your ratings and audience loyalty. Point out those characteristics that make your station special and that make investing in public radio the best option. Also remember to include the rate card that has a complete menu of your services and the cost so sponsors/underwriters are aware of all of their options. The Proposal will be very handy for all your conversations or emails with sponsors.

Contract or Letter of Agreement

Decide how to seal the agreement with your sponsor. There is not a tailor made way of doing this, but it is necessary to have a document that contains the essential information of what the station and SOPA participant have agreed upon—the number, frequency/schedule of spots and the cost. Some stations have a contract; others prefer a letter of agreement and still others favor a combination. Some include a table with the frequency that helps Traffic program the spots. If you have Legal Counsel, they can assist you in drawing up the necessary documents. Remember to use the websites listed below in the Tips section that can help you.

Payment Policy

Each day our world moves towards processing everything electronically. The easier the payment options you offer sponsors, the more consumers you’ll have of your SOPA.

  • What methods of payments will be accepted? Credit cards, checks, electronic transfers, PayPal or others. Consult with the Finance/Accounting and Development Staff to see what payment methods are already available and what can be added.
  • What terms of payment will be established? Do sponsors make a deposit before their sponsorship is acknowledged or is full payment due immediately after the announcements are made. Perhaps they have 30, 45, or 60 days before payment is considered late and interest is accrued.

Get Ready for the Next Steps: After completing this Receta, your SOPA Guidelines will be in place. Congratulations! Next week’s Receta will help you develop other essential parts to make a delicious SOPA. It is time to think about Marketing Efforts. 

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Remember, there are several websites that offer valuable information on Underwriting. Some research suggestions are: NFCBNPRFCC and

Also, you may subscribe to underwriting discussions to learn what other stations are doing. The link is:

And don’t forget to participate in the NFCB listserv! Latino stations have access to the NFCB listserv because of a partnership between NFCB and LPRC. For information on accessing the listserv contact Ileana Rivera Santa.