El Primer Cliente/Your First Sponsor


It is time to enjoy the Sabrosa SOPA with your first sponsor! Llegó la hora de disfrutar la Sabrosa SOPA con el primer cliente! You have prepared all the ingredientes carefully and you are now ready to set the table for your first client meeting.




Gather your Cooking Staff and plan the meeting. Make a simple outline of the way you would like the appointment to proceed and what outcome you would like to have. If you are the only chef, maybe you can collaborate with the General Manager and ask him/her to meet with your potential client. If you need other staff members to be on-call for your meeting, let them know so they can be available.


What do you need to have a good meeting? To enhance your meeting you have several options 1) make an oral presentation that outlines the station’s support messages and outlines the station’s highlights 2) present your power point 3) give the potential SOPA participant a tour of the station or 4) give them a copy of the Media Kit or 5) combine some or all of these options. Decide which one works best for you. Whatever you utilize should add some magic to his/her experience and gives them a better understanding of how things work.


All sponsors are different. Research your potential auspciador/sponsor beforehand. If he/she works in a corporation, find out what their role or special responsibilities are. Ask them about their personal interests. Showing genuine interest in them will help a lot.


Make sure you have all the necessary documents in place: the SOPA Guidelines, the Media Kit, the station’s program schedule, the ratings, the radio coverage, your station’s end of year report, the demographic description of your audience, the power point presentation, the testimonials or success stories. Remember to have copies of the media kit for your sponsor and the other meeting participants. Be prepared to offer them water or coffee.


Give action to your meeting plan! Practice your support message and your meeting outline. Also, make sure you understand the documents you will be handing your sponsor. Go over them carefully and if you have any questions, this is the time to clarify them.


Enjoy the fruit of all your hard work and use your sales calls to make new friends. This is a business meeting but feel comfortable. You have all the necessary ingredientes to present your SOPA to a sponsor. It will be a delicious success!

Dress for Success

Remember you represent the station and should dress appropriately for a business meeting. You only have one chance to make a good first impression so how you present yourself is always important.

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