Cooking Up Your Underwriting

sopaReceta para Sabrosa SOPA


Preparation Time: The ideal time to start is now: the sooner, the better. Most corporations are just starting their fiscal year budgets and can invest in Latino public radio stations. You just need to show them why it makes good business sense to invest.

Number of Servings: Depends on your goal. Future Recetas will discuss how to set a realistic goal.

Ingredients: Before we begin, gather your thoughts about some of the key ingredients you need and may already have or how you will get what you’re missing.

Goal: Set your goal. Think about how many underwriting spots you would like to sell per month.

Who will be in charge of the cooking the SOPA? Underwriting is part of the Development/Fundraising Department, so it’s logical that the Development Director or other Development Staff will be in charge. But sales of sponsorships is not a one person job. It is a collaborative effort between programming, membership, special events and the business office.

Who will the program appeal to? For these purposes there’s no such thing as too many cooks spoiling the SOPA. Current supporters, friends of your staff, your Board, sponsors, or just leave it open to everyone. The more, the merrier, and it is very good if it has a grapevine effect where word spreads among your community, so you will have more supporters.
What do we know about Underwriting? Evaluate yourself, your station and do some brainstorming in this topic. It is essential that the assigned person for this task starts to get ready for it.


There are several organizations’ websites that contain valuable information on Underwriting. It helps if you start doing research on them.

Some suggestions are:

Also, you may subscribe to underwriting discussions, so that you can learn what other stations are doing regarding certain issues that arise. A link for that is:

And don’t forget making good use of the NFCB listserv resource! Latino stations have access to the NFCB listserv due to a partnership between NFCB and LPRC.

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