Al Mercado: Plan Promocional

unnamedPreparation Time: It all depends on how narrowly or broadly you want the information disseminated. And remember, the more media platforms you use, the better. Our world has evolved in a way where social media is a key to support Planes Promocionales. Ingredients: For this Receta you must have in place your station’s SOPA Media Kit to use as your ingrediente principal. Your cooking staff will outline your marketing targets and processes that include 1) your potential sponsors; 2) actual and potential marketing venues for your station: air promotion, website, social media, events, etc; 3) the necessary tools or personnel to pursue them; 4) the budget that is available.

Potential Sponsors

The purpose of the station’s marketing campaign is to get people to consume your SOPA. To determine the target of your marketing efforts, profile the people who are potential clients. They are those who support the mission and values of the station; those whose business and products appeal to your listeners; those who want to define an affinity between your programming format and their services. Develop a marketing campaign that delivers universal messages but can also be tailored to specifically appeal to certain segments.

Actual & Possible Marketing Venues

How are you going to do this? You already have the support message so now you must decide where and how to promote your SOPA.

  • Air promotion: The biggest resource you have is your own air. If you truly believe announcements on your station are essential to a sponsor’s marketing plan, then your broadcast platform is vital to promote your own SOPA. Prepare a 30-second on-air promotion that includes a brief support message, contact information, email and website so sponsors can get more information. If you have a copywriter in your station, they can definitely help you with this. It is best to have two or three different versions to address the different segments of your audience. For example if your station has a Spanish-language format but airs a one-hour English-language show, you should record a message in English for that program and another one in Spanish to run during the Spanish programs. Remember, the more targets you reach, the better.
  • Power Point: Because presentation is everything, your power point should be polished and professional and puts your station in the best possible light. You can use this power point to make presentations to advertising agencies, corporations, workshops or community gatherings.
  • Email: Prepare an email that contains your SOPA options and includes the letter of appeal and rate card. Have it in the Draft section of your email, so it will be available when needed. You can send a mass email and also mail it directly to individual contacts/leads with a personal message.
  • Media Kit and Flyer: Your media kit can be left or mailed to potential sponsors but create a mass marketing tool — a flyer or brochure — that summarizes the media kit. The flyer can be distributed at community events, included in membership mailings, posted on bulletin boards, etc.
  • Website: Another way to reach sponsors is to create a tab in your station’s website that contains your support message, the letter information, rate card, and SOPA options.
  • Social Media: Develop a social media plan that promotes not only the station but specifically your SOPA. Maximize your options: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.
  • Other: Consider billboards, buses, television, bench ads, taxicabs, direct mailings and many, many other venues.
Tools & Personnel

A number of people including the program director, membership and development director were involved in creating the SOPA and now the marketing director needs to be engaged. The marketing team can include a copywriter, graphics and design coordinator. At your station is this a number of people or one person wearing many hats? Remember that together, you can achieve more.


How big your budget determines how extensive your marketing plan can be. Of course, the most logical and least expensive marketing tool is your own broadcast air. Beyond that, ascertain costs and what fits into your budget both financially and in terms of what will yield the greatest results. You need the most cost effective marketing path to get the word out about your SOPA.

Get Ready for the Next Steps: Next week’s Receta will help you develop other essential parts of a delicious SOPA. Be ready to start approaching sponsors and making them friends of the station.  

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