Hello Latino Aspiring Journalist!

Here at the Latino Public Radio Consortium (LPRC), where we continue to serve our Latino stations as an all-volunteer organization to the best of our capabilities, we are always happy to present opportunities to bring forth more skilled Latinos into newsrooms nationwide. We are grateful to The Futuro Media Group for ensuring they keep LPRC […]

En la lucha, together: La Campesina

Si uno viaja al centro de  California se encuentra con un mundo lleno de distintas bondades. La tierra otorga la posibilidad de degustar productos frescos que están por todo el valle. Los sentidos nos ofrecen un sinfín de posibilidades, tanto visuales como gustativas. Si usted visita California, podrá recorrer largos caminos sombreados con robles, hasta […]

Madrina/Padrino Supporter

I desire Más Public Media for Latino communities! I am committed to becoming a Madrina/Padrino Supporter to an LPRC Member Station by providing a monthly donation to a specific Latino Radio Station. Please fill out form below, click Submit, then go to Donate page to setup your monthly donation commitment.  On behalf of our LPRC Member […]


…., a hymn to our countries. tribute to rubén blades in Vieques Radio 90.1 FM and radiovieques.net. Friday, 9 AM AND 7 PM, Saturday 7 PM and Sunday 12 pm.  Comes via Radio Vieques