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Latinos Help To Build Our Cities, Too.

This headline is real and is troubling and this grief is even more heart wrenching:

crane25n-3-web2 Years, 31 Dead Construction Workers. New York Can Do Better.

Not only can NY do better but NY can also praise those Latino workers who have given their lives to build our cities while trying in earnest to provide for their families.

I call them the unknown heroes who wake up at the crack of dawn with their hard hats in their hands and their loved ones in their iPhones.


“We can’t have Thanksgiving without him,” Sandra Ramos, 35, wailed Thursday, just days after her husband, Elizandro Ramos, perished with another construction worker at a Queens building site.” via @dailynews

1st in a series #LatinosBuildThisCountry


Why Standing Alone Matters Too


The marchers will march but no matter where your political, social, or moral views are, sometimes it is okay to stand alone.

I just saw this beautiful photo of our beloved Rita Moreno and could not help but notice that there was a time when HIV Aids marginalized the millions who were struggling to understand this disease.

This Twitter post comes via Diana Bosch and I encourage you to follow her:

Rita Moreno was one of earliest stars to publicly support AIDS fundraisers when it was highly stigmatized during the 80s “AIDS hysteria”

Oscar López Rivera

16105778_1362007860500661_5360685440092368800_nLUNES 23 ENERO 3PM
Oscar López Rivera y los presos políticos puertorriqueños

Oscar López Rivera saldría de la penitenciaría federal de Terre Haute, Indiana, el próximo 17 de mayo. ¿Quiénes han sido los presos políticos de Puerto Rico? ¿Qué significa esta conmutación de sentencia para otros presos políticos que quedan tras las rejas en cárceles federales?

Este próximo lunes Norma Valle entrevista al analista político Alejandro Torres-Rivera, el historiador Jose “Che” Paralitici y la periodista Alida Millán, lideresa del grupo MujeresenelPuente.
Acompáñanos a las 3 pm, por el 89.7 y el 88.3 de Radio Universidad de Puerto Rico, o escúchanos en y síguenos en twitter @nvalleferrer

Listen to Better Together


Martes y jueves a las 7:00 pm escuchas Better Together por tu emisora comunitaria Radio Vieques 90.1 FM y ¡Construyendo lazos y solidaridad!

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00 pm, listen to Better Together in your community radio station Radio Vieques 90.1 FM and

Kaiya Kramer was live


Ep 110 Interview Rachel Sutter and Trump Presidency

In this episode of The Queer Life radio show, Kaiya Kramer interviews Rachel Sutter co-founder of the TGNB transgender north bay support group in Santa Rosa. Then in the news hour, Kaiya, Mandi, and Rachel discuss the inauguration of President Donald Trump presidency in regards to what this means for the LGBTQ community.

A Moment of NOISE on MLKDay

Today is a necessary day devoted to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his nonviolent approach to civil rights and activism. Social media outlets are blasting quotes, photos, and it’s safe to say #MLKDay is trending on all platforms; as it should.

Even GoogleDoodles recognized this day with their image of diverse characters interconnected by holding hands.



(Explore photography from the Civil Rights Movement)

Holding HANDS in a world that is filled with a lot of noise nowadays. No one is talking or listening to iGadgets in this image; they are without a mouth and holding hands. What’s the message? One eye – no mouth – interconnected…

While we hold hands today I cannot help but ask the burning question that I know we all know the answer to – what about tomorrow? Where will that powerful image retreat to?

Well…Dr. King held hands with everyone 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Baltimore – Photo by Leonard Freed (High Museum of Art)


HE encountered. WE at Latino Public Radio    hold hands with our community members as they serve as vessels for change.

From the farms in the midwest to the streets of New York City, Latino Public Radio is making good NOISE in the community and we want to hear from you. We want you to grow with us.



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