Who We Serve

LPRC services 50+ Latino public media stations across the U.S. including Puerto Rico. Whether in Spanish or English, Latinos are the focus of the programming. LPRC Member Stations serve Latinos from diverse backgrounds: Bilingual, English-dominant, Spanish-dominant, professionals, white collars, blue collars and immigrants. LPRC stations are actively involved bring news, information, resources and are advocates for their  Latino community.  An LPRC Member Station:

  • Serves the Latino Community
  • Has a Majority Latino Staff
  • Has a Majority Latino Board of Directors
  • Recruits Latino Personnel & Volunteers

LPRC serves CSG-qualified and non-CSG qualified Latino Public Media [Radio & TV] Stations.

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What is a CPB CSG-qualified Latino Public Station?

A radio station that provides significant service to Latinos through diverse programming that serves the needs and interests of Latinos and meets all of the criteria outlined in the FY 2014 Radio General Provisions and Eligibility Criteria (General Provisions). A full understanding of the General Provisions also includes full knowledge of the Certification Requirements (Certifications) for Station Grant Recipients . All stations admitted to the CPB CSG Program are required to demonstrate that they are fully compliant with the General Provisions and the Certifications at the time of application.

LPRC provides specific services to CPB CSG-qualified station through a grant provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Corporation [CPB]. The CPB grant delineates specific station support & services with a focus on fortifying stations to ensure they maintain their role as a Latino community resource.

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