2017 Más Summit Sponsor Deck



About the 2017 Más Public Media Summit:

The Summit brings together Latino public media stations and professionals working in public media throughout the U.S. to provide resources and training tools to strengthen their stations and their staff. Throughout the year, LPRC’s Latino station members & public media professionals attend the annual Summit & various local networking meet-up events held in cities where there are Latino public media stations. These attendees are decision makers who are General Managers, VP & Directors of Development, Programming & Diversity executives, public media professional & students interested in public media careers.

The Más Summit addresses for conference participants culturally relevant training tools in governance & compliance, development, community engagement, facilitates content opportunities, related activities as well as rewards accomplishments by and for Latinos in public media.

Date:  October 2017, exact date to be announced.

Location:  Miami, Florida

Sponsor Offer Details: Más Gold Más Silver Más Bronze
$5,000 $3,500 $1,000
Recognition & logo at Summit X X X
Logo on Summit Step and Repeat Banner X
Recognition & logo at 3 Meetup Events X X
Mentions in Press Release X X
Logo on LPRC Website X X X
Recognition on any  select local radio station coverage of Meetup events X
Summit Sponsor bag inserts X X X
Recognition in 4 LPRC Blog Posts X
Exclusive Sponsor of Evening Festivities X

To secure your Sponsorship, please contact:
Magaly Rivera
Executive Director
Office:  407 401-8850