The WDNA Jazz Gallery in Miami

I wish I lived in Miami because if I did, I’d be stopping by often to enjoy our member station, WDNA’s Jazz Gallery. 

If you live there and haven’t tuned in or attended one of the many concerts WDNA hosts, then shame on you and what are you waiting for?  It’s not just a broadcast, it’s a LIVE performance!  And it isn’t just Jazz Greats that they feature, they feature Jazz performances from Miami’s own backyard.  Like this next upcoming event on April 30th, the FIU Music Hour,  which takes place every Tuesday, 11am – 12p, as a live performance and broadcast in the WDNA Jazz Gallery.  The program features the Florida International University School of Music students, faculty, alumni and friends. And yes, the performances are free and open to the public.

Learn more about all WDNA offers thru their website and social media: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  ¡Que Viva La Jazz en Miami!