Newsroom collaborations -KBBF & KRCB- can do more for broadcasters & audiences

LPRC member station KBBF and KRCB in California, received a grant awarded by the The Center for Health Journalism at the USC Annenberg School of Communication.

This is a great example of collaborative news projects which can generate new funding opportunities and high quality content related to the quality of life of our communities.

KBBF & KRCB will produce a series of bilingual TV and radio programs focused on interactive community engagement and news reporting to drive dialogue, exploring health conditions and disparities in the City of Santa Rosa, which recently incorporated Roseland – a largely Latino community.

This project will take on different news and media formats: a public affairs show with call in segments (Informe KBBF), five news stories for the radio, a three-minute report for TV, a community meeting, and online data visualization.

“We have a history of working with KRCB so we are enthusiastic about our continued collaboration with them on this news project. We bring different approaches, talents and resources thus enhancing the success of the project”, explains Alicia Sánchez, KBBF Board President.

Andy Unity Park 2-adj

KRCB and KBBF were both out in the community recently at the opening of a park dedicated to the memory of a young boy shot by police in 2013. Eighteen doves were released on what would have been the young man’s 18th birthday.

Building on their past experiences working together, the LPRC facilitated this collaboration looking to increase opportunities where general market stations partner with our Latino public radio stations to better serve both of their audiences and expand reach.

“This time we’ve set up the project with an emphasis on community engagement,” says KRCB news director Steve Mencher. “For us, this is a chance to serve an audience of Spanish speakers that we don’t ordinarily reach. Our goal is to grow our partnership with KBBF and to make a difference in the health of an underserved Santa Rosa community.”

Congratulations to KBBF and KRCB! We are looking forward to see and hear about this project.