Dos Oportunidades..Más Resources!!

In case you haven’t heard our 2017 Más Summit has been postponed for a later date.


YES, we postponed as we await our funding, it is forthcoming!

  1. Stay tuned for the new scheduled date, likely to be October 2017.
  2. Know that the scholarships will still be offered.
  3. Join the LPRC private FB Group to keep up to date.  We will be sharing Agenda items via this forum: LPRC Facebook Group Forum.
  4. If you registered for the Más Summit, you don’t have to re-register.
  5. If you were NOT registered for the Más Summit, herein Más Summit Registration Link.


  1. Don’t miss out on the  NFCB Conference!  If you are already registered, PLEASE ATTEND our Partner’s Conference: NFCB Conference Registration.
  2. On Monday, July 17th, take advantage of the available time and PLEASE ATTEND NFCB’s Community Media Conference Intensives.  These are additional sessions designed to provide focused leadership insights, hands-on training, and practical guidance on issues relevant to community radio.  LPRC highly recommends it, the additional $150 will be worthwhile.  And please give a shout-out to NFCB for their long-standing partnership and continued support.
  3. If you want to stay at the Denver Embassy Suites, we have four [4] hotel reservations available confirmed at the early bird fee, contact Ileana, for details.

Thank you for your kind understanding and for allowing LPRC to continue to service your Station!!