STEM Mio Community Engagement Project

LPRC is pleased to bring STEM Mio for LPRC Member Stations to:

Encourage youth & your community of listeners to learn how to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering & Math careers while having fun playing games.

How do LPRC Member Stations benefit from STEM Mio?

  • Become a station STEM leader for your local Latino community;
  • Enhance your program offering to your local community;
  • Access potential corporate sponsors interested in STEM career related projects such as hospitals, pharmaceutical, technology, etc. corporations;
  • Culturally relevant, available in Spanish & English, High quality rich resources: 13-half hour videos for your online platform, a gaming platform and curriculum for community engagement activities.
Click here to view a STEM Mio :30 second trailer
Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 4.10.53 PM

What is STEM Mio?


STEM Mio is a digital empowerment gaming platform and community designed to support Latino students and their families in realizing STEM college and career pathways.

Generacion stem Latina

Developed specifically for the Latino population and funded by the National Science Foundation, STEM Mio is a project of The Center for Games & Impact at Arizona State University in collaboration with Vme Media, E-Line Media and Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities.

Generacion stem2

As an LPRC Member Station, you can register to participate in community events to access the rich learning resources STEM Mio provides to your station:  a gaming platform, a 13-episode video series, and STEM integration kits: station kits & curriculum for your station to execute STEM Mio community events and activities.

The best part, LPRC will provide  workshop trainings to prepare your station for utilizing these rich resources to help Latino youth in your community learn & pursue STEM Career Paths.

To learn more about STEM Mio and to register, please contact our Station Services Manager, Ileana Rivera, email:

Generacion stem3

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