A Moment of NOISE on MLKDay

Today is a necessary day devoted to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his nonviolent approach to civil rights and activism. Social media outlets are blasting quotes, photos, and it’s safe to say #MLKDay is trending on all platforms; as it should.

Even GoogleDoodles recognized this day with their image of diverse characters interconnected by holding hands.



(Explore photography from the Civil Rights Movement)

Holding HANDS in a world that is filled with a lot of noise nowadays. No one is talking or listening to iGadgets in this image; they are without a mouth and holding hands. What’s the message? One eye – no mouth – interconnected…

While we hold hands today I cannot help but ask the burning question that I know we all know the answer to – what about tomorrow? Where will that powerful image retreat to?

Well…Dr. King held hands with everyone 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Baltimore – Photo by Leonard Freed (High Museum of Art)


HE encountered. WE at Latino Public Radio    hold hands with our community members as they serve as vessels for change.

From the farms in the midwest to the streets of New York City, Latino Public Radio is making good NOISE in the community and we want to hear from you. We want you to grow with us.