My name is Amy

Greetings to you all!

Feliz 2017!

My name is Amy, and I am honored to be working with Latino Public Radio Consortium, as a social media networker.   My career at CBS2NY led me to two areas that are interconnected as are the people we serve at Latino public radio and beyond.

Since this is my first blog post I will not bore you with every aspect of my career. I will, however, share that journalism runs through my veins and serving people is my vocation.

A few quick facts about me:

  • I have won two Emmy Awards for investigative journalism.
  • I was a middle and upper school teacher for (I won’t say how many years). 😉
  • My husband Mark and I have two teenagers – Christina is 17 years old and is studying in China this year, and our son John Anthony is a sophomore at Middlebury College.
  • My favorite quote: “Even the smallest crayon leaves a mark.” -Amy Bowllan

As we journey together I welcome your story ideas and believe that either through writing – or in person – all paths that cross are meant to cross. My hope is to cross with as many readers, listeners and followers in the years to come.

(((photo credit is of my daughter, Christina, in Shanxi, China – I cannot wait for her to return home!)))