Latino Plus Salon: LPRC Annual Meeting in Florida

RegisterButtonWhat a fantastic way to start the year! We’re hosting an annual meeting (Latino Plus Salon) during the Hispanic/Latino Media & Marketing International Conference at Florida State University (FSU) in Tallahassee, FL. What’s exciting is that in addition to the LPRC Latino Plus Salon, LPRC participants will be able to attend the three-day conference, which includes presentations by top industry professionals and academics. Thanks to a partnership with the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication at FSU, LPRC members who attend the Latino Plus Salon will have their conference registration fee waived. What a treat! LPRC participants will only be responsible for travel and accommodation expenses (discounted hotel rates available).

But hurry, registration ends Feb. 8! The Latino Plus Salon will take place on Friday, Feb. 20 and we strongly encourage LPRC members to attend. The LPRC is working on a case study with Southern California Public Radio (SCPR) about the station’s success engaging Latino audiences with a mix of multimedia news programming and community activities. Latino Plus Salon participants will hear and discuss initial findings, recommendations and best practices. You can review the Latino Plus Salon program here. Don’t miss this chance to discover what’s working in public and mainstream media with Latino audiences!

4 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss the Latino Plus Salon!

  • You will discover how you can engage and grow your audience with multimedia programming. The case study and discussion will be included in our next Brown Paper, so your feedback is important!
  • You will be participating in a major industry and academia conference designed to help community leaders better communicate and connect with the Latino population.
  • You will have a chance to network with top industry professionals and researchers.
  • You will meet fellow LPRC members and learn from their experiences.

If you can’t join us, you can watch the Latino Plus Salon online. Expect more details about the live streaming soon.


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