Upcoming Webinars – Finances and Music Licensing

RegisterButtonFinanzas con Confianza: Financial Management Made Easy

Thursday, October 23, 2 PM ET
Presenter: Beverly Hacker

Running a community station means running a small business. Before becoming Executive Director of KDHX/St. Louis, Beverly worked in a public accounting firm specializing in small businesses and nonprofits.

Like Spanish broadcasting, financial management has a language and rules of its own, but it will be translated for you by Beverly. She’ll walk you through the characteristics of effective nonprofits, best practices in financial management as well as identifying red flags that may signal financial problems. Beverly will interpret basic accounting concepts from charts of account to financial reporting, budgeting and financial planning as well as compliance reports like audits and IRS Form 990.

After this webinar, you’ll be financiando con confianza, knowing how to account for all the dólares that are coming and going from your station.

RegisterButtonÉchale Un Cinco al Piano: Music Licensing

Thursday, October 30, 2 PM ET
Presenter: Melodie Virtue, attorney with Garvey Schubert Barer

In the old days you only had to echar un cinco in the player piano or jukebox to hear music without any worries. Now, as a radio broadcaster, you have to pay to play. It’s called music licensing.

If your station broadcasts or streams music, this webinar is for you. It will address issues of intellectual property and music licensing that come up regularly-and unusually-for stations including:

  • what CPB-qualified stations need to know about CPB’s agreement with SoundExchange
  • what non-CPB-qualified stations need to know in order to stay in compliance with SoundExchange requirements
  • what every station needs to know about other issues related to music-archiving on your website; podcasting; creating compilations as thank-you gifts; who owns the promo copies; etc.
  • your most troublesome questions.

Melodie will answer your specific questions—especially the tricky ones about music copyright issues—but only if you send them in advance to ileana@latinopublicradioconsortium.org no later than October 23.

If you are confused about any aspect of music licensing and don’t know a cuáles pianos o cuánto tienes que echarles, this will be a valuable use of your time.

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