The Latino Public Radio Consortium [LPRC] was founded in 2007 with the goal of advancing the agenda of Latinos in public radio.

The Mission
To advocate for the inclusion of Latinos in public broadcasting by building partnerships, influencing public and funding policy and providing a clearinghouse of information on relevant and substantive cultural, news and informational Latino programming.

The Vision
A public media system that includes Latino voices, services and perspectives at every level of programming, production, distribution, leadership and management, and that includes and supports a strong Latino-controlled public media.

The Values

  • Accurate reflection of diverse Latino voices;
  • Broad access to public media and new technologies;
  • Collaboration and partnership;
  • Active participation and leadership by Latinos’;
  • Bold and creative initiatives social change and community engagement;
  • Respect and celebration of linguistic diversity.

Since 2007 we have worked diligently to strengthen the capacity of radio stations in the system that identify as Latino Public Radio Stations (LPRS).  LPRC provides a range of services to fortify our member stations in key areas, see Member Services.

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