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Artists for Vieques – Digital Album

Artists for Media Diversity (A4MD), Media Alliance (MA) and the LPRC released ‘Artists for Vieques’, a digital song compilation, to help Radio Vieques rebuild after hurricane María. [More background here.]

‘Artists for Vieques’ is part of A4MD’s We All Rise Initiative where proceeds go to a sponsored organization and the noncommercial stations promoting the albums. Artist donate songs, organizations publicize and non commercial radio stations broadcast to help promote the digital album.

LPRC member stations who promote the album can get 25% of sales generated from links to A4MD on their websites, newsletter campaigns and social media. To track purchases back to stations, A4MD will collect information generated from sales linked to the stations’ websites, newsletter campaigns and/or social media, and from a quick survey people fill out when downloading the album. You will get instructions on how to set it up and remind your listeners to indicate that they heard about the album from your station.

To participate, you must sign up here.

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LPRC Board Member selected Visiting Professor at prestigious university in the UK

Dr. Federico Subervi, member and secretary of our LPRC Board of Directors, was selected to be Visiting Leverhulme Professor at the School of Media & Communication at the University of Leeds, UK. The purpose of the invitation is to conduct academic work and enhance the knowledge and skills of the academic staff or student body. …

On MLK, Jr. and a powerful dream that continues to inspire

Today America pays tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and the significant role he played as an international human rights and civic leader advocating and leading efforts to bring resolution to issues faced by African Americans back in the 1950s. And yet, his advocacy work, influence, speeches, and civic leadership addressed and represented all communities …

Who We Serve

We work with 50+ stations across the U.S. including Puerto Rico. Whether in Spanish or English, Latinos are the focus of the programming. LPRC stations are strongly involved with the community and thrive with strong Latino leadership:

  • Station Serves the Latino Community
  • Majority Latino Staff
  • Majority Latino Board of Directors
  • Latino Volunteers Are Numerous

Together, LPRC Member Stations serve Latinos from diverse backgrounds: Bilingual, English-dominant, Spanish-dominant, professionals, white collars, blue collars and immigrants.